What colours do you think my little t rex kid should have?
Here is some info I found about colours, I can’t decide!!!

Black and red is not possible, because they are dark evil colours, and this t rex is a hero. So please tell me what colour you would like to play as. :slight_smile:

Green and Purple!

Hrmph, I forget to say that the colours have to match each other. Green is a colour that is associated with nature, therefore the colour could suit him…purple is a psycho colour that is associated with fantasy and fantasy worlds.

Colours that appear in nature would be the best choice, so the character blend with the different enviroments. So maybe:

Forest colours
Ocean colours
Desert colours
…hmmm…but what colour??? O.o

Green with patches of dark and light brown then. But that’s not very original.

With that white background, I don’t see much color at all.

Anyway, I think the colors should be playful, just like the character. Red or don’t necessarily have to be bad or evil. Think about what it could look like if you made him black and red with yellow. Could actually look nice if you’re doing it the right way. Just don’t overdo the color saturation and make it more brownish than reddish.

Or, like someone else said: forest colors :wink:

Umm… alll colours appear in ‘nature’ :smiley:

Also, reading colour theory and taking it word for word will get you nowhere.

Red is evil eh? it’s also ‘Warm / hot’ aswell as many otherthings. Orange is energetic blah blah blah? Brown is poo colour, so it’s smelly? lol

If you want to increase the appeal of friendliness, use some brighter colours… You should not limit you pallet because a colour theory articles define red as evil :lol. Colour is only part of the image… OMG EVIL!!

Sorry, but red on a dino would make it look Exotic to me, if it was DARK red and black, with ‘thin’ eyes (instead of big wide open eyes) i’d say it’ll look more evil…

I’l see how red looks, but it’s a very agressive colour. For example bulls get very angry when they see it…you could say it’s very emotional…animals use it to scare other animals. Poisoned frogs for example scare other animals with the colour, birds use their colours to mate…aka…yeah you know.

Plus our inner bodies are very red, therefore it’s a very strong colour…but I’l post a screen on how it would look…
Ok here is the result, what a cute little dino :smiley:

I’m not sure if you’re really interested in making your dino look good, but this might not be the best way to do that. When I think of a funny dino with black/red/yellow, I think of cute patterns of vibrant colors (but not too vibrant) that define his body, and definitely not one color (nor texture) for everything. Use your painting skills, use the new projection painting to experiment :slight_smile:

Also, when I said: I don’t see anything with a white background, you could have read “white” as “black” as well :ba:

Yeah, I got no good background for him yet…some updates…
I’l probably use the green one…if you want you can help improve the texture…add patterns like you say…I’m not the best texture artist…:stuck_out_tongue:

You should add splatters of tan colored dried mud on its sides. I don’t know how to make that though.

Neither do I :stuck_out_tongue: