COLT 1911 A1 - Rendered with Blender internal.


Here is my most recent work with Blender. This scene has been made in around two weeks. The making of the iron texture has been one of the main difficulties.

Images Rendered with Blender internal render engine.

I know that many people dont like arms, but beside their function they are aesthetic and interesting objects to model, because of the complexity of their shape and also because of their textures.

More pictures and full size images on this page of my website :

I had no real model, and I have made it only looking at some photos found on the web. I have spent many hours on documentation researches.


I think it looks fantastic. Im a gun owner, shoot regularly with my kids. I said with, by the way, not ‘at’.

Great job.

Thanks for your comment !
I think I will to re-use the iron texture setup for my Thompson model, because I wasn’t happy of it. As I am working for several moths on a theme around Chicago in the years 1930, I plan to model also a revolver Colt 38 Special Officer, created in 1929 (if I remembre well) and used by the police…

Excellent…firearms are like anything…it’s up to YOU…only one criticism…the clip on the far left has wear marks down in the thumb slide recess…don’t think it should…

Dude this is great! The bluish surface looks very realistic. Nice texture and shadows. Really nice shadows.

I cant put my finger on it, but the wear marks on the magazines look a bit unnatural somehow. It also seems like the magazines should have a few scratches on them. Either way it looks like gallery quality material to me.

Well done!
Could be improved in spots, but overall very good.

the clip on the far left has wear marks down in the thumb slide recess…don’t think it should…

@Frank the Smith : You are right ! I didn’t noticed this error. Thank you.

New versions with Clips corrected :

Stainless steel version :

Full size pictures (1280 x 1024) available here (click on the images to enlarge) :

Woah! Gun!

Can’t wait to give blender a proper go so I can do this!!!

Nice work!

You’ve gotten the blued look just right. That’s tough. Kudos.

Very nice…makes me want to do my 32 cal. blackpowder squirrel gun…but don’t think I’d be able to come close to your bluing …

Thanks for your comments.

On the last two images (stainless steel version), I have made the background fabric texture seamless (with Seamless Texture Generator PRO) to get a larger usable surface, but I have lost some details in the fibers. I should have kept the original texture, or make it seamless by hand in Gimp…

This is an attempt of integration of the 3D pistol in a real shot :

The model has been resized and moved in the 3D space with a real image in background. After rendering the gun only in PNG RGBA format, the gun and the background image have been loaded in Gimp on two layer. Them, I have erased the parts of the gun model hidden by the hand.

I must admit that I have also added to myself some hair in Gimp !o)

Currently, I’m searching and gathering images of the revolver Colt Official Police .38 SP Model 1929.
I think that il will be one of my next modelling.

Nice job, I love the realism in it, great texturing.

Thanks !

I have modified the handle (modelled holes in the wood for the screws) on the stainless model.

Also added a video at the bottom of the page :

You can download it in 768x576 in various formats or Watch it directly in 320x240 in the Theater Room ( Flash FLV ).

wow! i have an aerosoft spring action Colt 1911. i shoot cackroaches on the wall hehe

Nice, Can we check out the wire frame please?

AhAh !

In case you believe that I have taken photos of a real gun :eyebrowlift: :

Rendered with subsurf Level 2 on all parts :

Rendered without subsurf :

Rendered with subsurf Level 1 :

well the lighting of the pic of the man holding the gun is wrong the light is coming from the right of the person so therefore the light should be on the right side of the gun