Colt 1911 WIP

Been working on this for the last few days, on original request from DevinKell.
i’ve been keeping a semi-log of my progress in this thread (, but i decided to move it here, as it is a work in progress.

I actually redid almost the entirety of the frame and a large portion of the slide. i found a copy of the blueprints for the 1911, so now i can do things to precise scale, instead of eyeballing it off of a source image. it takes a bit longer when you are minding the scale of everything, but it is worth it, in my opinion.

ignore all the empties and strange circles, they exist purely as placeholders for scale.

It´s good that you searched for original blueprints of the weapon, I personaly like to realize a study about the subject I´m working
Show us the result when you finish it :smiley:

Working working working. i’ve decided to go all out and build it piece by piece. i have a feeling i might run out of steam before i finish modeling all 40-some odd pieces, so i will start with the more visible pieces. i’ve added all the holes in the frame and finished outlining the handle. still has alotta work needed before i’ll call this piece good enough, but if i start to burn out on the frame, i’ll work on the slide, or the grips, or the safety switches, or anything else that will need doing eventually. well, take a gander and lemme know what you think

Masterpieces aren´t produced in a single day :smiley:
Till now the work is fine, it appears one of those 3D schematics that they show in TV to exemplify something

added the slide tracks and worked some more on filling in the interior surface polygons. got the front area where the recoil spring will sit modeled. adjusted the clearance behind the trigger to make room for the magazine catch, as per the blueprints. added the feed chute at the top of the reciever. modeled the clearance slot for the barrel link and the slide lock mounting hole. all sorts of fun stuff.

comments/crits always welcome

that is pretty cool

Still looking great :D:D

finished the main symmetrical details on the frame, now need to make the mirror modifier real and add in some of the asymmetrical things. i also included a quicky yafray clay render. there are some oddities on it as i wasn’t very careful when i put the subsurfing on, but i will clean up any trouble spots later.

for now, sleep

I’m willing to call the frame finished for now. i added in the asymmetrical details and polished off any oddities.