Colt - 9mm Semi Automatic (1920x1080p&1920x1200 Images)

Hi all!

Ok well you may remember me from this thread
Now the story is that I have taken my experience from that project and spent the last few days working on this model, its been an utter pain in the rump to make but im fairly happy with the results.

Wireframes have been rendered in MeshLab but model built in Blender 2.49.
As always c&c’s welcome and id love your feedback!

Solid wireframes

Transparent wires

Hope you like them and sorry I cant post as images but they are 3840x2640 which makes them fairly large and not thread friendly :eek:


Can we see a clay?


Here is a quick material job :smiley:
Hope you like it.

Any comments?

This looks very nice. With all those tris I didn’t expect this!

Magic! Thankyou too :D:)

If you Like it please rate :smiley: Put alot of work into this :slight_smile: Thankyou

Quickie update,
Added holes to the trigger.
Removed the chrome strip between the grip and body.
Changed txt font and corrected typo.

Nice looking model!! Two things, isn’t there a plate that surrounds the front of the barrel and goes 1/2 way around the extrusion below the barrel (don’t know the name of the part, but think it has to do with disassembly). And aren’t there ridges/grooves on the top of the hammer?

Excellent model and I can tell you spent some time on it!!


Thankyou for your comment :smiley: Yes you are absolutely right about the hammer so thankyou for reminding me about that :slight_smile: Also im slightly unsure about what you mean on the plate? I will look into it and see if I can see what you mean…

And lastly thankyou :wink:

Ok I added some studs/grips to the hammer and side switch.
Hope you like it :smiley:

You should remove the bumpmap on the grip and make it a mesh…otherwise it’s pretty sweet.

Ok thankyou for you suggestion :slight_smile: And thankyou :smiley: update tomorrow.
Its missing (this is the plate Revolt Randy meant)

Perfect, thankyou.

the texture on the grip and the zebra lines on the slide need sharper, just my humble opinion


Yes, Alpha Red, that’s the plate I was thinking of. Seems to me you press in on the protrusion below the barrel and rotate that plate to start the dis assembly, but it’s been years since I tore down a gun like this…


Yes, that’s how you remove the recoil spring and the spring housing.

Ok so I have sharpened the edges of the heat sink and have also added the front plate.

thats some nice modeling and material PF…thks for the post