Colt pistol

I am on some really boring course, so i did pring blender with the memory stick to here and started modeling at the same time when i was listening…
Here is what i have done before this point:

This computer can’t handle particles and I dont have photoshop or any other programs here except blender in the memory stick, so I need to make the fire in my own computer at home.

I have not done the any post processing with this, its just the render.

What do you think?

Looks pretty good so far! Nice textures, are they done internally in blender?

Thank you. :slight_smile:
Everything is done internal in blender. Modeling, textures, rendering. Except the enviroment map, that is some of my old photo i did get from the inteernet. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think that blenders internal render engine is also very good, but still i am also waiting for cycles.

Grip needs more dirt. Main issue is the silver is too shiny.
There is not environment reflection on guns really. You have something like a metal spoon material on a gun.

Hey, thanks, i did edited the material a bit. Just added little gloss to it, so there is not visible environment anymore. Here is the render. Maybe i will also create that kind of “drawings” to it.
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Looking good.

Been trying to track down a model of an 1851 navy colt for a Ned Kelly animation.

Thanks, this my model is not actually exactly any of the colt models, but it is almost similar with this
I used this picture as a reference of modeling, but in my model there is not useful mechanism to open the magazine and reload the gun. I dont know how it works in that model only looking by that picture. I have not experience with the guns, I just model what I see and if i dont see something, i imagine it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is new render, i am not sure about the “drawings” i just did something fastly:

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All right, i did modeled that leather thingy also. But it does not look like leather actually so i think that i need to fix it…

Taking blender in a pen is just… heaven!
I also do it often, you can run it everywere, not like a multi-million GB program… Heheheh

Thats really true. I also love that feature a lot :slight_smile: Here is another version of this, i think that it still need something, but it is almost there what i except about this picture.
I think that the particles will not be part of this, and that flying bullet. I will delete it maybe.

You can always model a wooden stand, or lay the pistol on the ground.
I also agree on the flying bullet, maybe a static scene is cooler than a shooting one :slight_smile:

Keep it up!