Column [Nearly final 1/06 top pag.4]

Well rather a very WIP of a column :slight_smile:

Since Doric column are for newbies and a Ionic column I already did, it is time to try a Corinthian column :o

For now, a plain Achantum leaf



P.S. Ref ->

Very impressive modelling S68. Can you post a wireframe for reference?


Thanx BgDM :slight_smile:

Here’s an update

And a wirefrema (Subsurf level=2, Optimal) as requested

2961 vertices


Thats SO cool! Better than the pictures of Latin class… :smiley:

WOW! amazing modeling. i need to work on my modeling…

(what shape did u start from?)


SkeLeToRI started from a plane, of course! And I deleted 3 verts, then EKEY mouse EKEY mouse… some FKEY here and there

I started from a drawing of a corinthian capital, and started flat, bends are PET application and Warp tool applications.


cool… wow, i need to have somebody show me how to do amazing work like that. lol, practice practice practice…
/me goes off and practices…


must be among the best modelling i’ve seen in blender so far. I’d like to see a tutorial (or step to step pictures)!!! if you’re whole pic is this good you’ll get the wc 100 probably.


:o :o
exaggerates details.
Very Very Cool wip.

Cool!! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanx again!

SkeLeToRHehe… who needs Wings :wink:

SirVerThanx, but I’m not taking notes, so I don’t have progresses to show besides the ones here…

pafurijazDetails are never too much :stuck_out_tongue:

New update:

Im further on than this, 'coils are ready, but still need some more leafs before being ‘attached’

Poly count is getting a bit high, though :frowning:


Very good detailed.
But, can you put a provisional column and a provisional walls to see the final effect?

great looking stuff. you are the god of all things architectual :slight_smile:

here’s something that caught my eye on your previous post:



Thanx again!

spsteamMmmm a provisional column, well I’m concentrated on the capital for now, but column will shortly follow for sure!

basse :smiley: Schizophrenia?

Anyhow Nearly final


wow, simply amazing!

Stefano, you are the man. This is just wicked modelling.


Wow, it is so very elegant. To model something so good (and so detailed) in such a short time is amazing. :slight_smile:

Wicked :slight_smile: !

Thanx again!

Here is Final!


Just a beautiful piece S68. Nothing else to say.