Column is broken to pieces in desert…

blurry textures. and the two pieces of columns seem to be floating. maybe try to model some sand creeping up the sides of the columns or partially covering them already. also, the sand part looks a little plain… try adding some shrubs or skeletons of trees or rocks or something, more detail.
sky looks blurry and fake, if you look at photos of a noon sky (im guessing the time of day is midday) youll see theres a nice gradient from a light blue at the horizon to a deep saturated blue at the zenith (cant find a decent enough reference pic right now).
good start. just find more hi res pictures for those columns.


I think the columns would look placed into the image better if you used some ambient occlusion.

Try rendering this in 2.4 and set the OSA filter to CatRom, this should make everything look more crisp. (The OSA filter options are directly beneath the “Fields” button.)


Is it better?

Oh, yeah, that’s a lot better. Nice. No shadows? Shadows would make it better.

There is an uneasy lack of shadows. It looks as if you are using AO without any helper lights or, perhaps ray shadow is not turned on for your lighting.

Secondly your sand is unnaturally smooth. You could create a set of waves dark to light with mostly light and map it to NOR for the sand and get a little more wind blown look.

If you really wanted to go off the deep end you could create a particle system based on your sand colors and have some sand blowing accross the tops of the desert.

But the first thing is just dealing with the shadows. That would definately help.