Com surrotage has stopped working

I am running vista and I got that message when I hit P (play) key in blender 2.48 :spin:

Com surrotage has stopped working

The error you are getting is “COM surrogate has stopped working”. From what reading I’ve done on the topic, it seems related to softwares (especially divx and xvid codec packs) not being fully Vista-compatible.

Based on that, my guess would be that the xvidcore.dll in your Blender folder is somehow causing the problem.

First of all, are you using Blender 2.48 or 2.48a? You should be using the “a” update in order for the Game Engine to function properly. Also, did you get your Blender from, or from another site (like, for example)? Make sure you are using the official release.

Try finding a more recent or more Vista-compatible version of xvidcore.dll and replacing the one in your Blender folder with it. That may help. If nothing else works, you can turn of DEP (data execution prevention) on dllhost.exe, which will completely eliminate the problem (but it lowers your system security some). How to do that is explained in the following link: