Coma the Doof Warrior

Okay, so I recently watched the movie Mad Max: Fury Road and wow. Brilliant!!

The movie was pure chaos and awesomeness! And I don’t even care Tom Hardy hardly spoke any lines!

But let’s be honest, we all know the best part of the movie was flamethrower guitar bro, AKA, Coma the Doof Warrior. As soon as I finished watching the movie, I knew I had to design that dude and well… here is a psychotic musician!

I didn’t want to use the SSS shader since it’s super slow on my CPU, so I ended up using some weird combination of shaders to get this. I know this model is not perfect, but dayumm!! Look at the gum and teeth!! Dynamic Topology FTW!

Added a blindfold that I’m pretty sure doesn’t work.
Oh, and arms too. And more features. Better skin

Looking good but may I suggest that for your final render at least try to shove some sss in :wink:

he is looking a little like a training dummy to me in his current state.

A lot of changes since my last post, including a completely new blender file, new model, new… everything. Also a really crappy clothing attempt. Will work on that later…

Also I’m obsessed with editing every render image I save, even if it is a test render.
Gotta work on the flamethrower guitar now.

Here is a close up, showing the fine details on his face and my obsession for Photoshop edits

Scary, reminds me of Silent Hill. Nice work :slight_smile:

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Working on a pose, while I should actually be working on clothes and a guitar first.

Also people, check out Andrew Price’s ProLighting Skies Demo…