'Comb' a mesh?

I am looking for a way to comb meshes, or at least curves or strings of edges, the way one can comb particle hair. With particle hair, when you comb any given vertex, it pulls the others with it, but it does not change the length of the string (does not change the length of edges between vertexes.) A similar tool for meshes would be very helpful for creating folds in fabric, or for working with polygon hair. Proportional edit sort of works, but it doesn’t pull connected vertices with it, so it ends up distorting the mesh.

Is there a tool like this, or a way to achieve such an effect? If not, how do people go about adjusting shapes that need to stay static? Say, bend a piece of fabric or paper without changing the total area of it?

Use sculpt mode. There fixed. next?

Sculpt mode has none of the things indicated in the original post…

Indeed, currently there is not any tool that does like that AFAIK, and it would be extremely useful .
It could be a ‘mode’ for proportional editing and it should actually resemble the fixed length combing of hair, but I don’t know how difficult it can be to implement.


no direct way of doingt it whitout stretching!

but you might try cloth sim and set stretching to minimum!
and might be possible with new rigid body sim !

happy bl