Combat Quidditch

That’s right folks, Combat Quidditch;
Where you fly around the field with miniguns and missile launchers strapped to your broom stick.

The style is going to be like Invasion of the Cow Snatchers (that is just my style)
I hate doing explosions, so if anyone has any good tips on the best way to do those feel free to bring that up.

I am so sick of how people think Harry Potter and Disney movies are better than everything else (at least the poeple I know:mad:), so I just thought “HEY!, why not make Quidditch an insane combat sport?!” :evilgrin:

I am still thinking how to make the gameplay work, so questions about that might be a bit pointless.

It will be 7 vs. 7 on the quidditch field(limited to the arena?). Normal rolls, except the beater will just go after other players


Rigged up with 3 different heads.


Sounds original.
Will there be power-ups, or are they already strapped to the broom?
Other than that, seems interesting.
Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished, good luck!