Combat Training

I use blender since around 4 weeks and these are my first tries for rigging and animation. The model of the actor was retrieved from and was orgininally created by Robert Dooling. I have redone the rigging and some sample animation.

not bad for a first attempt. Needs some footwork, and the hand motions need more snap

This is a great first try! In your future animations, try moving other parts of the body a bit more. The way the head stays locked looks a bit unnatural, and the lower parts of the torso should move, as well. Also, the feet probably shouldn’t slide like that. Most times, people pick their feet up just a little bit to make a move like that. You also might want to offset their movement, so they don’t start and end their movement at the same time.

shoot reference footage of yourself doing the punching motion. You’d be surprised how much the whole body is involved in even a simple motion of an arm. The torso should rotate with the arm as the fist moves forward. Also, a person can’t move a their foot without first shifting their weight to the other foot. Small things like this can really add realism to your animation.