combat vehicle (kinda star wars)


I know it looks like something out of starwars, but I’ve never tried anything quite like it before, shame I can’t figure out rigging and such, I’d love to get it walking.

Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro - Armature could be a place to start.
blender art magazine - issue #29 has an article on rigging a robot arm that could help with the rigging.

Or if you want to share your model someone here may rig it for you.

thanks for the info, and I just may do that.

I like it, but did you use subsurf on it? :confused:

Just joking…:smiley:

Two quick thoughts, if it’s not textured yet, then don’t texture it until it’s rigged. Might find while rigging it that some parts might need to be re-modeled to get it to work right. Personally, I hate texturing and the only thing I think I would hate more than texturing is doing it twice to the same model!

It’s really hard to see the foot detail, but had you constructed it in a way that the feet can rotate left to right? This is important for turning left to right. You see when a human/biped makes a turn, while one foot is in the air and before it touches the ground, the foot is twisted in the direction you want to turn and gets planted on the ground, twisted like that. Then as the weight gets transferred to the foot on the ground and the other foot leaves the ground, the lower leg rotates so the whole body matches the rotation of the foot. If the turn is extremely sharp, the lower leg may rotate even more so. Watch yourself walk around a corner sometime… Humans can also shift their weight onto the ball or heel of our feet and pivot, mechs with flat feet really can’t do that.

I believe the Star Wars AT-ST had thier rotation pivot points at the ‘hip’ where the leg joins the torso at. Which would be another option…


PS See the link in my sig for some rigging tutorials… some early ones I did covered mechanical subjects…

I think I’ll “study” some star wars and take a hard look at the simular vehicles, I need too study some more tutorials on rigging, I’ll follow those links when I get the chance, some of the tutorials read like stereo instructions, but some of them I totally get, I hope to run up on one of those soon. will post when making progress. thanks guys.

trying to rework the legs and make a type hips for it as well.


still rough but thought I’d post progress.
“toes” would move independently

I gotta say I’m liking it! Looks a little leaner, meaner, and quicker, all good qualities for something like this!


I wanna se this with those “Gun Arms” kinda comming out the sides of the main body. Just a thought!


I had been thinking about how it would have to walk on a hill and came up with this type of feet for it. between having ball joints in the hips and the feet the way they are now, it should move in a more useful manner for what it is.

not to sure what you meant, this is how they are for now, I think that this will be something that can be deployed from space so I’m putting some landing rockets on it too.

after receiving some good advice and watching some tuts I decided to reduce the vert levels by simply rebuilding this peice, I also retooled the legs again.

Man, all this thing needs is a propeller coming out of its head and a stegasaurus tail to be …the perfect death machine!


corrections made and hopefully everything is set to move ahead.

Definetly much better. Its a little dark though, especially starting around halfway down.
Good work!