Combination of animals


Yesterday I tried for fun, to make some kind of an animal. Even though I didn’t finish it, it make me think of a project, where i combine some different animals into one.
I just finished painting my ideas, to show you, but be aware. I dont got any talent when it comes to drawing. I make it with a tablet on my com, so maybe its hard to read what i wrote. but here it is:
Sorry if it’s to big.

I just post a image of the work i did, that made me get the idea(its really simple). - It started out with, i tried make some eyes follow a fly, of some sort, but the I could tried make a body, and so on.

  • But please write your thoughts and ideas for invioment or something else.
    As you maybe can see in the first picture, i’m thinking of adding a shell as the turtles have, and MAYBE some eyebrows(not sure since no animal got it, but its a catoon look-a-like animation, so maybe…), and then another mouth. not sure how it shall look.

By the way. Please vote for one of my 3 ideas of his(its a boy), way to be.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Oh. and my other project with the speakers, kinda stopped, because my update didn’t get accepted for some days, so didn’t thought it would be accepted. But take a look if you got time)

You are on to a great start - most artists (including those of the star wars) have their creatures as a combination of several existing creatures. Human imagination is kind of limited, and if you have a repository of existing ideas, you can combinate these to form something quite out of the blue.
I vote the first one, and yes you have plenty of talent within you.
All the best and look forward to more of your renders.

After alot of schoolwork I had some time today to make abit more on the project.
i don’t know it it needs anything more (design), but if i cant get up with anything tomorrow, and I dont got any suggestions, then I’ll try find out a way to rig the whole body, so it will be easy to animate.

  • Or maybe I find a short story first, and make any other characters for it, if there will be any.

But my work so far:

OBS! The floating thing in the air, is a thought i got, to add alot of them on the shield. But I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it anyway

[EDIT] Sorry for the blue background*