Combine 2 complex materials

In my scene I have a animated “rain” material, like this:

It would be very cool to combine this with the condensation shader. both shaders are complex, so how could I combine them?. here is both with node setup:

Rain (animated)


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Can you specify a bit more where the problem is?

I mean, you can combine them with a mix shader and a black and white mask of course but I assume you know that allready.

I did know that I could use a mix shader yes, but the mask I don’t know how to use.
Both shaders have a “glass” in their nodesetup as you can see, I tought maybe there would be a conflict?

To use the mask simply put a grayscale mask into the “fac” slot of the mix shader.
The brighter the part of the mask the more intense the shader plugged into the lower imput slot of the mix shader appears.
See the image. The mix shader uses a checker map which is black and white to mix one blue shader and one pink shader.

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Thank so much for your help Lumpengnom. I will try this. Perhaps you or others want to see the result ? :slight_smile:

Also, if you have “two big hairy noodles” (a very interesting visual just popped into my head when I said that …) you can convert each one to a node group which encapsulates all the inner details as a “black box,” exposing only the inputs and the outputs. Much easier to visualize and manage.

Sure. It´s allways nice to see what other people produce. :grinning:

Also a very good idea !

I tried with checker texture node, it doesnt work as I want. So I placed a math node between the condensation node and the second slot in the mix shader using Multiply, in this way I can regulate how much condensation I want.

Well the checker texture was only and example. The mask only makes it possible to mix with a specific “pattern”.
For you it would probably makes sense to try things like a noise map. Or paint your own bitmap image for more control over where exactly you want which shader to appear.

Damn! So many details. Are every nodes here necessary? It seems like in Blender, to get something realistic or close to perfect, you can’t avoid having many nodes.

Frustrating at times.