combine 2d and 3d animation

Not sure if this is the right place to post my question.
Wondering how to combine 2D into a 3D animation.
For example an grease pencil animation combine with a 3d animation.

For now it’s a kind of a cheat. grease pencil isn’t really complete for 2D animation (especially rendering part) …
I think you can render grease pencil as freestyle lines using an addon.
But without you need to export grease pencil as an opengl (playblast) and 3D like you would regularly do.

The best thing would be to wait for 2.8 new grease pencil features and follow the new open movie ‘Hero’ . It’s going to be much simpler to mix 2D and 3D by then.

If you can’t wait you’ll have to use addons and maybe do a bit of scripting / automation…

Render out OpenGL viewport, no Cycles though :frowning: