Combine multiple UV maps into a single UV map

This model I downloaded in .blend format is giving me no end of trouble, because its using the legacy render and some toon shading that I’m not familiar with.

The eyes and other parts of the head mesh are uv mapped to separate places on the texture sheet.

I’ve gotten it into cycles and maddeningly it looks perfect in edit mode and black in any other mode.

Franxx test

Y’all try recalculating those normals? Maybe removing some of them doubles n what haves you. Looks like its set to shade flat instead of smooth also.

Id check the model for multiple UV maps in the object data properties tab, maybe the proper uvmap isnt plugged into the shader for the face to work properly.

(i have a newer version of blender but the icon for this tab will be the same)

These are all just educated guesses of course, since i just have pictures to work with. Its helpful to have the .blend file for diagnosis, but I understand if you dont have the rights to share it.

Anyways, if all else fails, you can go and manually line up the UVs too.

Thanks, already tried those.

Thing is, in editmode the UVs work perfectly.

Its from an old version of blender, see the image in the corner

Blenderhelp 3

Where can I upload the .blend for people to check?

You could use

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Ok great, here is the link, would really appreciate a fix. Cheers

UV from that face is trashed…
But if you flip normals…the face will work…
There are many other problems, such as lighting and al the extra characters hidden etc… But I know it is a WIP…

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Thanks, I flipped the normals and its looking better. I don’t have the skill to redo the uv map, perhaps you can point me to a tutorial?

Anyway, the model is to be 3d printed and painted so it doesn’t matter that much

MAY BE Try this Addon…

UV maps are not that difficult unless you are trying to reuse the original texture file, and that will be nothing but a big pain and difficult. I would say on these to open the UV editor… do a simple unwrap, and then use the original texture to projection paint back onto the model.

THIS video by CG Boost covers both of those areas, and is easy to follow.

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