Combine normal and bump in cycles?

When i want to combine normal and bump in one normal map I just bake normal when they both are applied to the mesh material but in cycles it doesn’t seem to work for me.
Is there away to combine normal and bump in cycles like in internal?
I have already seen away but they work with some nodes and the result is not close to internal beside it is direct in the internal engine.

this is likely the method you saw. cycles is not BI, and never will be. dont expect the results to be exactly the same.

did you perhaps forget to set the image nodes to NON-COLOR?

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I know that now I want to bake these 2 into one normal map like in internal I create a new image then bake normal and they become one normal map ( bump map + the old normal map). But I don’t know if this work in cycles?.

i dont know much about baking, but that node setup should work with baking.

For baking normal maps in cycles, try this node setup: