Combine Objects?

Is there a way to combine objects so that when I move one, they all move?

What I generally do is create a new object of type “Empty”. I give it a name like “Group Handle”. I then select one by one all the objects I want to move together, being sure to select the Group Handle last. Do Ctrl-P to parent the objects to the handle.

Now if you move the handle, it drags the other objects along with it.

Ok, thanks. This will be helpfull.

Just for the handle, I select it, F7 to the Object context, click the Object Buttons button to the right, and in the Draw pane under “Draw Extras” set the “Name” button.

Now, in the 3D window, the handle will have its name floating next to it, reminding you to use it to move the parented objects.

Ok. Thanks a lot.