combine realtime texture(reflection) with other textures?

Would it be possible to use a material with several UVW layers and textures, one of them using realtime reflection? It works really great as far as i can see, but how can i create the material? i could use this to texture a car or an airplane.

for use with multitexture materials

Here you go:

(blender 2.49 required)

For reflections on a complex object like a car you would need a cube map generated in realtime. As far as I can tell, this is not yet possible in BGE. It would, however, be fairly easy to use a reflection map on the windows and fake the reflection on the complex curves using a blurred reflection map. Or deform a planar videotexture by animating the UV map depending on camera orientation to deform the mirrored image (no idea how to do this, and it is not trivial, but I found something similar on the net).

Using videotexture is technically the same as using an image texture as far as materials are concerned… Add a normal map, alpha map, template, mix texture, etc.