Combine Two Materials/Textures into One (with UVs)

Hey all,

I’ve been working on cobbling together a character model using existing textures, but I’ve been having issues merging the two materials into a single material that retains the UVs of the model. In this case, I’ve swapped a head onto an existing body, but the head and neck have different UV maps. Does anyone know the easiest way to bake the materials into a singular texture (retaining the UV data) so that I can bring it in to photoshop to fill out the missing faces?



An extra, separate UV is usually created specifically for baking. In your case, it would be a 3rd UV. After creating the extra UV, select it before bake and the baking should match to that UV then.

Than your one singular texture and one singular UV (the 3rd UV) should work in-tandem.

I had tried to bake the textures this way earlier, but it seemed to break the existing textures on the model. The steps I had done were:

Select the body mesh
Create a new UV Map (UV BAKE)
Create a new blank texture (2048x2048)
Bake image textures, with Combined

The resulting bake didn’t combine everything correctly, and the texture on the model became full black. Do you know where I could be going wrong, or have a reference I can step though?

Sounds like you didn’t setup your 3rd UV as your preferred bake-to UV choice.

Each of the materials included in the baking should have an additional Image Node + UV Map node.