Combing dupli-objects?

Hi I have been wondering for a while how to comb object particles, say feathers or scales? So for instance when you add a particle system and select object>plane.001 or whatever, it appears all over the mesh as a particle instance.How would one theoretically go about combing these? Combing like on normal hair just doesn’t work >/
any help appreciated

hate to do this, but bump

you do use hair, comb it as you normally would. the you go to ‘render’ in the particles panel and choose ‘object’ select your object.
the only drawback is you can’t see your object while you are combing the hairs…

No this does not work for me…I have tried that approach before.
still unfamiliar with dropbox, but I have posted the blend file here:

My understanding is that combing is only for hair strands. Have you tried curve guides

Just tried it then, appears to affect the scale of the feathers but not rotation. Is this a bug then?

works fine for me in 2.59.1 r30907… just did it again now to test