Combing hair on non tri-/rectangular faces with SubSurf modifier

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or feature. I am working on a model which has unfortunately non tri-/rectangular faces. The model has a SubSurf modifier. When I add hair (Advance, Emit from Faces), hair does not grow on such irregular faces. However this is not the case when it has no SubSurf modifier or the modifier is turned off. Still, by turning on “Use Modifier Stack”, hair can grow on those faces.

This is fine so far. I can imagine that’s a feature. The irregular faces turns to rectangles and triangles by SubSurf.
The issue occurs in combing. Combing hair on non tri-/rectangular faces (“Use Modifier Stack” turned on) causes either no effect or totally dislocated hair from the surface. I wonder this could be a bug.

I attach a simple example where you could try combing.
Hair_Issue.blend (848 KB)

I would be grateful if anybody provides any solution or advice (I know eliminating such faces solves the issue).

They all comb perfectly for me, opened blend, switch to particle edit, and comb. 2.77alpha.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I was using 2.76b when I had the error. I have just installed 2.77 RC2 and they all comb perfectly now. Apparently the error has been solved in the version 2.77.