Combing Multiple Textures to One (Blender 2.8+ in 2020)?

Imagine you have a number of models and you’ve baked 2k or 4k textures to each.
Now imagine you’re trying to balance performance, and you want combine the textures into one.

What is the best approach to do this in the newest Blender? I know 2.79 had the Atlas etc.
I also own Bake tool. Can anyone name different approaches I should look into, and / or the pros / cons?

I’ve actually asked this question before in a way (about bones), so forgive me for being slow. I’ve been watching videos and many are from 2016/2017 and in 2.79

For example the video below: (not sure if it’s still a good workflow)

I don’t know if this is exactly what you need, but If you need one texture for several objects, you can select all the objects, change to edit mode so you can unwrap as you need, then for baking you assign the same texture image to all the objects and that’s it.

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Hey @Pablo , thanks for the reply.
Do mean I put the image node in the shader for every object, then back to all of them?
(ie. creating a second UV bake for all of them and then deleting the first one?)

I watched a video on that last night, but wondering if there is any better workflow :slight_smile:

Oh I haven’t been very clear :smiley:
For the UV unwrap, you select all objects, change to edit mode and unwrap all at once, so you make sure all are together and don’t overlap.
Then, for the baking, as you say you have to add the same image to the all the shaders of all the objects and if you use several textures per object then add the image to those too, you can bake more than one material.
Make sure the image you add to the shaders is disconnected.

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Hey thanks for the reply @Pablo
I spent a number of hours on that workflow and then invested in the ‘BakeTool’.
The price is really reasonable and it makes that workflow waaay faster.
If anyone is curious let me know and I’ll explain it.