Combing really long hair changes the root position of the particles

Hi guys… so despite the fact I have “root” checked in “particle edit” mode, I always seems to comb the hair off the character’s center.

This is before I start combing down:

This is after I comb down:

What gives? How can I amend this?

What is happening is that the hairs are going through the scalp inside the body mesh. Free edit on it, and comb again. In particle settings check ‘deflect emitter’ and increase the value, way up .5 - 2 until when you comb the hairs they are pushed way off the scalp. Comb them down with that enabled, It’ll look like 80’s mall chick hair. now lower the deflect emitter a little and comb it down some more. To push it really close to the body in the middle and at the ends lower it way down or even turn it off.

Developers are working on new hair code and hopefully it will work better.

I see. Instead of doing that “lower deflect emitter” dance, can’t I just make the hair control points closer to the scalp? You sure there is no other way to go about it? :frowning:

And if not, what’s the max length you would recommend before it gets too “hairy” to deal with?

Edit: I tried your method, it’s still really difficult to control and it some point the roots don’t stay fixed and I get the middle “bald” thing again

Post the blend, so I can see better what’s going on.

There is another way using force fields, I’ve never used it but a lot of people do.