Combining .blend files

Could anybody tell me if it is possible to combine .blend files so you can use one object from one file in the other?
I quite often model one model in one file and then do nothing with it, because I don’t have a decent setting to put it in. Then when I make a cool envoriment maybe months later I suddenly realise that the object I made way back would suit perfectly in there.
Would greatly appreciate any help :wink:

Yes, you can combine files. You can do it one of 2 ways. You can either Link or Append your objects, scenes, materials, lamps etc. into a new file.

Here is a great explanation of how to do both:

Thank you, really helped me out. I’ve got stuck on this thing more often lately so now I can get it all going again :wink:

I don’t understand…everytime I try this…nothing pops up? I do everything right but nothing ever pops up in the blender file I have open…

You have to go to the object folder in the blend file you are appending from. It is also possible that you have imported the objects, but they are too small. The scale and posistion from the original blend file will be kept when they are appended.