Combining .blender files

Hi all, got a hang-up here that I can’t find the answer to (though I’m sure it’s obvious). I’m doing a large visualization for my company, trying to land them an good account, and since they don’t have money for 3DS, I put together a solution of blender/Yaf/Gimp. Went good, but as this is the first time I used it, I’ve run into a problem with file management. I’ve modelled the machines in sub-assembly style, and now I’m finished. I need to figure out how to combine .blend files. I have about 25~30 to combine, light and render. So, what’s the damn command? :-?

How do you combine .blend files?

This is time sensitive, if you can answer promptly it would be wonderful. Thanks for any help givien and all the best! :smiley:

Where I work I also keep a lot of sub-assemblies in different files for later use. To combine the files is not really that hard at all.

1) Open the file that you want everything to be imported into
2) Click Shift + F1 or File...Append
3) Naigate in the file window that appears to the first of your sub-assemblies
 4) After clicking on the desired file, you will get a list of types of things that make up that .blend file
 5) click 'Object'
 6) Right-click on the objects that you want to import (you probably don't want things like the camera or lighting, but you might). You can drag the right-click if you have a lot of objects to import
 7) Click the Import button at the top right hand corner of the file window
 8 ) All of those objects selected are now imported into the file you already have open.  If you don't see everything you imported, trying Zoomin In/Out and turning on all of the layers (~ button)

Good luck. Hope this helps.

The method of appending that kirpre described assumes that the ‘Append’ button at the bottom of the file screen is selected, which is usually the default.
If the ‘Link’ button is selected instead the object/s are merely linked to the new file. This means you can see them and render them, but not change them in any way, not even to move them. This can be a plus if you want to make changes only in the original sub files.

Thanks alot you two, I was on the right track, but like so many other things in blender it can be tricky finding the right solution. Thanks for saving my bacon!!! LOL :stuck_out_tongue: