Combining CG with Photographs

Just a short tutorial showing a method for adding CG animation to photographs.
In this example, a ball is set in motion by some dominoes, before going on to bounce off a coffee cup shown in the photo.
You may find the 50kb final animation here: XviD Video
While the 1MB pdf may be found here: PDF Tutorial
Corrections to original PDF: corrections.txt
EDIT: A number of errors have been discovered in the document and are outlined in the attached corrections.txt file. I have also re-uploaded the corrected pdf. Sorry for the inaccuracies everybody.



Please upload the background picture file and Blend file.



As requested by Peter,

Here are the background plate and the completed blend file.

Be sure to change all directories as needed since this was created on a linux
box and didn’t have Relative Paths checked.(or texture packing enabled)

Things to watch for -

The picture on the wall uses an image texture - concrete.jpg. Simply delete the artwork, it’s not needed or used.

The /tmp direcotory may need changing to mp (I don’t know) - The render directory may need a similar change.

The sound file referenced in the VSE is not supplied. I just used a 16bit wav file of a jar rolling on the desk into the coffee cup.


The link to the PDF gives this error:
“Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

Hmm, what a nuisance.

Okay, just follow this link - I’ve put the tute and the support files all together into 1 project at SaveFile.



Thanks men, great tutorial!

Hm, the link doesn’t work anymore.

Is there any chance you can reupload the pdf?


Thanks sliker. As long as somebody gets something from it, I’m happy.

MasterDomino, Did you try the link in Post #4? The original one went bad so I put it up again. I’m just downloading both parts (pdf & support files) now, so they should stay fresh for another 30 days.


Well, no I didn’t. :o

But now that I found out that were it was I tried the tutorial successfully. You can see my result in this thread. So thanks a lot for the tutorial, as you can see, it worked. For me the hardest part was to match my modeled desk with the picture.


Cool as. Nice work MD. Isn’t she just adorable?

Thanks for posting the link Master.
Yah, I found that part the hardest too. Trying to match lenses & rotation and position etc, etc. I’ve seen a pdf since writing this that helped to explain the process of lining up the camera and make it seem positively easy. It’s Sybex.Inc.Matchmoving.The.Invisible.Art.of.Camera.Tracking.ISBN0782144039.pdf

Also, a fellow member, ‘aussie’ has written on the matter. I found his description quite straight-forward and easy to follow. You can find more info here: