Combining Curve and Mesh?

Okay, I find out I could use boolean after converting the curves into mesh and deleting duplicated verts.

I’m creating a pendant for 3d printing.

I traced a drawing in inkscape and saved it as .svg then I imported to blender as curves. I extruded the curves to give it some solid form. I wanted the drawing to indent onto a coin which I created another separate circle as a curve in Blender.

In order for it to print, I must have one solid object as a whole connected.

My current issue is, how do I combine the coin shape with the drawing design shape? Do I have to convert to mesh but even so, connecting the two through mesh is very tedious as I have so many edges to deal with. Any advice?

I’ve attached a screen shot of what I need to combine.


Assuming ur curves and base circle are two different object. I guess go to object mode Select both of them and in the toolbar(press T) select join… I have used this myself many times… And then try removing doubles in edit mode… That should do

Select both objects, export to .stl, upload to and download. Your model is now solid and manifold, freddy to 3dprint.