Combining faces

Hello, when i add plane, extrude it a bit to the shape i want, it obviously turns into more than one face. so when i texture it, the texture applies only to the one face, so it looks really dumb because the texture stretches into tons of little textures rather than one big one. So how can i applie the texture so i dont get lots of little ones or how can i combine the faces together?
Anyhelp would be great. THX

Your problem is your workflow…

You should always finish your mesh before applying any textures. Even if it is only a base mesh that will be finetuned later on.

After the mesh is completed then you UV map your textures and you will have no problems.

BTW. The reason your textures get messed up when you extrude is because you are editing the UV map by adding another face and blender has no idea where to put it on the UV, this is why you always UV map after the mesh is done.

oh ok,so it was basically a lack of inexperience and of course the lack of knowledge. thank you very much