combining faces

I have only been using blender for a few days now and have what is probably a simple question. Probably went about building it wrong in the first place but how better to learn then to just do. I have an image of a building that I extruded upwards. One of my walls is made up off multiple faces. How can i take those faces and combine them to be a single face?

Select both faces, hit (EDIT: [W] … not [Ctrl+W]) and choose Remove Doubles.

when i hit ctr-w it asks me to save. if i just hit w and go to remove doulbles it says remove 0 verticies and does nothing

Sorry about that, it is just [W]. I misunderstood you, too … I thought you were describing overlapping faces, in which case this would work.

Can you post a screenshot of your mesh?

On the side wall i want to turn it create different edges to work with. I was thinking of combining all the faces onthe side and then sub deviding to get the adges i want. i have also attached a picture of the building i am creating. Its the Launch control center in the bottom left. Maybe you know of a better way to do this. i am very very new to this.


You could try ‘Make Edge/Face’. Just select the faces then press ‘F’. If necessary choose ‘Skin Faces’…

This may be what you’re looking for.

Good luck with blender!

What i need to do is take the two faces i have selected and make them one single face.

In edit mode (edges) select the edge you would like to remove, go to Select/Edge Loops, Hit delete / edge loop. This will also make all the other double faces into one.

In Edit Mode you can select two triangle faces and convert them to 1 quad by hitting < shift j >