Combining fixed sample images for rendering in passes and stopmotion

Hi everybody.

I’ve been a daily Blender user since 11 and have become very adept at coding in python. I’ve finally decided to reveal a private tool of mine that I’ve been using for years. My tool takes images and combines them in different ways, the chief benefit of which is resuming sampled renders as well as multipass rendering of animation. Ive used this in everything from stopmotion to general rendering. This tool is awesome if you have a slow computer like me (10 years old lol).

Heres a few pics to show what it can do.

In image 1 the lower right corner is one of 250 images rendered with a random seed number at a fixed rate of 2 samples per image. The top left corner is the combined result of these 250 images.

In image 2 (the stopmotion/image correction case), I used a 1998 generic webcam to record 15 seconds of video. The lower right corner is a still from the video, the upper left corner represents the combined result of all the images in the video. With an overlay of the prior frame video with the new input sequence high resolution stopmotion becomes a possibility even with a 10 dollar piece of hardware (this camera was cheap even by 1998 standards).

Another amazing piece of info about the above pics is that final render format is made irrelevent as defects in codec and quality (blocking and noise) are dissipated with image counts.

Image 2 was produced with less than 500 frames, each of which had both blocking and noise.

If anybody is interested post on this thread and let me know. I am more than happy to answer questions and if people make enough noise I will even release it and improve it.