Combining materials in cycles?

Hi Guys,

sorry if this is a quite stupid question, but I’m quite new to using blender and would really appritiate it dearly if I got a good response.

so I come accross this thing called node editor in cycles render which makes me capable of changing the rendering effect of a specific material. but the thing is, I have tons of materials on my object and wish to combine it into 1 single material. so that I could just add a node and it will effect everything rather than adding a node on every specific material.

Now is there an easy way to do this? or do I have to do it manually?

Thanks in advance for the kind reply.


How have you separated the materials on your object (i.e. face selection, vertex paint etc?)

You can apply multiple materials to a single object using cycles and there are many ways to control this e.g.

Texture map, viewing angle etc

If you can give some more detail about your object, the materials etc - perhaps with some pictures of what you are trying to achieve - it may help people advise.

Propably the “Mix” Shader, so you can mix 2 materials, you can do more mix shaders instead of these materials then
I hope i could help you :slight_smile:

It’s really hard to say without knowing exactly what you’re trying to do.

That said, there are all kinds of ways of combining materials.

You can use masks to define areas for particular textures and feed those into mix shaders, for instance. With a little ingenuity (and math nodes), you can use one mask with various greyscale levels (or even different channels) to separate your layers.

If you have areas where the materials are identical but the textures are different, you can go into BI (maybe Cycles, not sure) and bake them to a single texture. I do that sometimes for Second Life stuff - I’ll design something with multiple UV maps, then bake the textures into a single UV which gets exported to SL.

You can pull some funky tricks with multiple UV maps, but it can get complicated quick.

And don’t forget things like spec maps and whatnot. Those work fine in Cycles, although a bit differently than BI. You can create maps for all kinds of things. Of course, it’s easier if you start out with them in mind - trying to convert several different materials into one using various maps will be challenging, depending on your materials.

If what you mean is that you have several materials which use the same nodetree with just differing inouts tske a look at node groups