Combining Meshes???? CTRL + J is 'Can't join meshes with Vertex keys'

I’m very frustrated by not being able edit two separate meshes so that they become one. I have tried parent child (CTRL + P), I tried Joining after highlighting both and using CTRL + J, none of this enables me to edit and join separate vertices, edges or faces from the two meshes???

Also most tutorials seems to tell you how to edit the same mesh, but very few seem to make clear how to join two spearate meshes, i.e. one imported. A typical imessage I get when I try CTRL + J is ‘Can’t join meshes with Vertex keys’

What am I doing wrong here???

Many thanks in advance.


Vertex Key is the old term for Shape Key. To remove any shape keys
in Edit Mode goto the Shapes panel and hit the X next to any keys
that have been set. Do this for all objects to join. Then try CTRL+J
it should now work.

In the Blender Wiki it says to only apply Shape Keys to a model when
it has been modelled completely, as undesireable behaviour can occur
if the model is modified after your keys have been setup.

Hope this helps?

Kindest Regards,


Thanks PixelTwister!!!

Thanks, helped me, too, I was having the same problem. I don’t know how that shape key got there, though, I didn’t do it!