Combining normal map and displacement in Cycles node editor cancels out displacement


I’m using Blender 2.68a on Windows 8 with an NVIDIA GTX 660M and am having an issue with the Cycles render / node editor.

When if I combining a Diffuse BSDF node + normal map with a displacement map in the Material Output, the displacement seems to be cancelled out by the normal map. It works fine with just the displacement and just the normal, but when I try to combine the two, only the normal is used.

I’m pretty sure I had this issue in recent previous versions of Blender too.

Attached are some images of my node setup and a sample blender file which replicates the issue for me using the Rendered viewport shading.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on here?


NormalAndDisplacementIssue.blend (562 KB)

Hi there,
I just stumbled upon your thread because i’m currently having the same issue. I’m curious if you found a workaround? Would be great to let me know…

You know in properties where you pick ‘bump’, ‘displacement’ or ‘both’? Which do you have selected? Also, don’t use non-color for displacement. Do use non-color for normal maps.

Thanks for your reply. Accidently i choose Color for bump, which i usually don’t and forgot about it. After changing it it worked properly. Anyway it is a little bit strange because after changing it now to the wrong “Color” setting, both the normal map and the displacement map seem to work, while the normal map is calculated the wrong way of course.

for displacement you should choose intensity not color !
anyway you file did not include pics pack or node set up!

is it working now or not ?

happy bl