Combining radar and ray sensors


I’m currently building a first person game but I cant seem to prevent my radar from ‘seeing’ through walls in my arena, ive read that this can be stopped by combining my radar with a ray sensor but im really struggling. Does anyone know how to do this??




import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()



if sens.positive:
   if Ray!=None:
       Ray can see enemy

might still need some work


DemoRadarRay.blend (461 KB)

Using a brick should be okay?

So if Ray or Radar And Steering so object can move to player once the player is close by.

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I tried both Ray and Radar for one object but nothing happens with an Always and steering bricks, on the other AI object it began spinning once I used a Radar even though it wasn’t connected to the motion brick.

Or it doesn’t work as they are? I’m sure those bricks work as they do, I must of used in my LIS files once. I mainly used collision or Always, Always was the standard for a steering brick.

In that example, it uses one property. In the file I use, the player is a Boolean, so another player isn’t necessary as a float.

I’m not sure what should be happening the file I am editing.