Combining rigged meshes

I have four meshes that have four separate armatures as parents.
The problem is that I have to combine them into one mesh with one armature to make it work with XNA. I’ve already rigged and weight-painted the meshes so I would like to keep the bone weight data.

you can join meshes and armatures by selecting two or more and then press CTRL+J.
If this doesn’t work properly could you upload your file?

I’ve tried that in all sorts of joining combinations, but the meshes never keep to their original bones.

So I need to combine four meshes and armatures:

  • Weapon
  • Clip
  • Right arm
  • Left arm (that is mirrored copy of right arm and it’s bones)

And I also need to make the armature at the center of the scene the parent of all the other armatures and join them into one armature.

I really appreciate any help

ak47_view_rigged.blend (557 KB)

I also tried different cmbinations but nothing worked. Would it be a problem if you just parent them to another object?

I checked the capabilities of the XNA FBX exporter, and it seems that I can have multiple meshes but only one armature, so I only have to join the armatures, but if I do so the vertices don’t stay attached to their original bones…

i don’t see any possibility how to solve this problem i’m sorry :frowning:

Maybe you could try to parent the bones to the spine and click keep offset on the box that pops up. Next click on the bone that was parented not the parent then go to object data in properties window go to where you see the bone’s parent and unselect inherit rotation, inherit location, and inherit scale.

Oh okay i see. You have to delete that random bone behind the gun, click on the gun armature in obect mode go to edit mode and add the bone that way. This way you can now create it as parent and go into the bone selection in properties and set under parent unclick rot, loc, scale. Try it.

I tried that, but how do I join the armatures without messing up my rig?