Combining Rigify Wolf and Human rig to Werewolf rig

Hello everybody, I’m trying to rig a werewolf character by using Rigify (still putting aside my rigging studies, shame on me).

So far I was able to combine the wolf face rig with the default human body (without the human face controls) by removing the face from the metarig (keeping only the last spine bone. I was having some problems with the almost hidden “face” bone that is placed inside the top spine bone, but deleting it made it work) and then parenting the spine bone to the face bone from the wolf rig.

I tried to keep the spine bone correspondent to the tail on the wolf rig, combine them on the werewolf rig, snaping the tip of the bone from the base of the tail to the base of the spine and them parenting the bottom of the spine to the base of the tail. In the end the rigify addon did generate a rig, but it created separate spines for the tail and for the “default” human body, like in the screenshot (I moved it to the right to make it clearer):

And here is the metarig:

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