Combining scenes into one movie

I created two simple scenes in Blender 2.57. I then used the video sequence editor to chain them one after the other. However I can not get them to both render. I can only render one scene at a time. If I change the #frames in the render properties to encompass the whole movie, it increases the frames for one of the scenes. I don’t know how to render the whole set of items in the video sequence editor. What am I missing?

I can get the entire film to render if I create a third scene and then add the first two scenes to the third scene in the video editor. Is this the correct way to do it? It seems like too much of a hack to be correct.

That’s the workflow I prefer to use. Creating a specific scene for sequencing keeps things clear and organized. If you try to do 3D work and sequencing in the same scene, you’re bound to run into difficulties.

That is usually the way it seems to be done. you can always append the second scene to the first using append -> .blend -> scene