Combining scratches/surface imperfections with subsurface scattering

Hey guys, I’m following a tutorial about making a soap material with subsurface scattering. The guy in the tutorial is using C4D and Redshift but the concepts seem to be transferable to Blender/Cycles.

There’s one part I’m stuck at though. At 10:12 he adds a surface imperfections texture and it completely changes the look of the material, the soap becomes a lot more translucent (if that’s the right word). He plugs it into the “SS Amount” but I’m not sure what the same one in cycles would be called. I can’t get that translucency done properly.

Here’s the link to the video: (Skip to 10:12).

And here’s my result at the moment:

A few ways I tried with the X-scaled default cube and the default light:

Hmm, interesting. Maybe I need a mix shader. Let me try that.