combining shrink-wrap, array and curve modifiers ???

Hi all,

I’m aiming to uniformly distribute objects (a lamp post for example) across a landscape following a curve using the shrink-wrap, curve and array modifiers.

This is the process I’m following:

1 Create a mesh for the landscape from a subdivided plane.

2 draw a bezier curve and add the shrink-wrap modifier so that the bezier curve follows the topography of the mesh landscape

3 apply an array and curve modifier to my lamp post object so that a number of them follow the bezier curve.

Now, I’m in the position where the curve follows the landscape in 3d, but the arrayed objects follow the curve in 2d only. I have to ‘apply’ the shrink-wrap modifier to the bezier curve before the lamp post objects snap to the landscape.

That’s all well and good, but I’d really like to be able to keep on adjusting the bezier curve in realtime on the landscape without having to ‘apply’ it, so I can keep on editing the objects flexibly. Is this possible?

This video shows what I’m trying to achieve (from 01:00):



I don’t think that’s possible. Modified objects aren’t “real” objects unless you apply the modifier. The lamp posts follow the 2D curve because this is the “real” object.