Combining the NLA Editor with normal keyframing

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. I’m trying to make an animation and I’ve set up some basic walk and run actions with the intention of making more for eg. rolling, jumping crouching etc. My problem is that i’ve gotten the character to run to a point but I can’t figure out a way to get him to switch from the nla tracks back to keyframing with out the keyframes completely overpowering the NLA. For example 1.)if i have my character running, and i want to have one of his hands go from running to up by his ear for a while for a phone call and then back to running or 2.) If after running i want the character to go up stairs by my own keyframing. If anyone can shed some light on the NLA editor that’d be awesome. All i’ve seen on the net is combining 2 actions that have already been made.


I’ve only recently started working with the NLA myself so my methods might not be ideal. What I’ve done though is make the top level action (the variation) into a new strip, and then mess with the Blend In and Out values (NLA - properties panel) to ‘fade in’ the action over the top of the walk cycle or whatever. Maybe try the ‘Blending’ setting too, but this often made things go all Lovecraft on me.

Hope that gives you something to start experimenting with anyway.