Combining Things with Particles for later import....

Alright, so I’m new at this whole blender deal, and I might have done this all Bass Ackwards. But, basically I’m modeling a ship, and I separated the engines so that I could use particles on it (Probably could have been a better way… sigh… oh the learning process). Well basically now I’m wanting to append or import one ship from a project into another. But, I can’t figure out how to join the engine with the body of the ship and keep the particles so when I append it into the new project it comes in as one object.

Hopefully that makes some sense, and I would appreciate any help!

Thank you!

When you append from another blend file, double click on the Object folder and then RMB click on each object you want to append, then click Append. This will allow you to append multiple objects at once.

If you really want the particle emitters to be part of the ship mesh, you will have to join them and then setup vertex groups for the emitters. Finally, use the Vertex group to control density in the particle settings.