Combining two objects into 1?

Exactly as it says above /. I tried “control + J” but it kinda worked but when I went to move a vertice it moved all the ones around it to. I don’t know what else to do.

Sounds like you might have proportional edit on. Try pressing ‘o’ (when in edit mode) to toggle it (or look in the 3D bar header, at the bottom, and turn it off).

Thanks that worked. But now I have another problem when I texture that surface it only happens to one of the joined objects, the other one stays the way it was.

There are multiple materials, one for each of the original meshes. See Wiki->User Manual->Materials->Multiple Materials for an explaniation. sounds like you want the whole object to now have one material. So go into edit mode, select all, and Assign them to index 1.

Thank you PapaSmurf, that fixed it.