Combo attack

How could I possibly set up a combo attack? Is there some way that I can set up 2 different attack action acutators to one key and have it randomly chose which one to use, or if I could set up the sequence of the actions?

I, too, would LOVE it if someone knew the answer.

If I understand what you mean by “combo” - I imagine you want to have one key which, if pressed within some defined interval of time, would cycle through different actions.

Assuming that’s the case, the demo I’ve made for you should help (attached).


combo.blend (138 KB)

Your script is bad:


It works fine on my machine (Ubuntu Linux - both Blender 2.49b and 2.5 latest rev).

Either you changed something in the script, or it’s a system issue on your end.

Blender 2.49b Mac OS X 10.4.11 with python 2.3
I also have python 2.5 and python 3.1 installed…

This is funny- I just got an error like this earlier!