Combo move?

I’m working on an RPG and I want to give a character a combo ability. I was thinking of double or triple clicking the left mouse button. The idea is that near the end of the swing of the sword, a window of time is given to click again, etc. etc. A good thing to compare it to would probably be the new legend of zelda series. Can anyone help?

Perhaps if you got the current frame of the ipo/action then had an if statement to check for mouse clicks between certain frames of the ipo/action. Something like this (don’t quote me though! my pythons not great and I’m writing this off the top of my head):

# get the actions current frame
frame = getFrame(SwordSwingIpo)
# set where the window for second attack opens 
if frame >= 20:
# set when the window closes
if frame <= 30:
[INDENT]# then perform some check for mouse click
# and start the second move in combo

I’ve done this exact thing in my videogame here i have a video on my page explaining it sort of called Combos on that youtube page. if u have further questions send me a message or leave a comment

Check it: I made a thread in the game resources forum:

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