Im making a fighting game, i know how to everything, fake collision detection, reactions etc the only thing I need are combos. I was thinking of using the log as string function where it logs it and i have a property that counts down once a button is pressed and if the second button in the combo is pressed it resets. However thing gets a little complicated and I was wondering if there is an easy way to do so… apart from that I think fighting games are the easiest game to make in blender, in terms of content a few fighters. The most time consuming thing is the actions. Anyway thanks for any replies.

I think what you need to do is use python. There you can use not just STRINGS but actual Lists which will be able to add up like such

Combo = (“up”,“left”,“punch”)


and it makes it easy to add strings to a list…

i personally am no master of python but thats what id have to say

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Doogs right, thats how I’d do it. And then to get the combo to actually display on the screen you can set up a seperate text alpha object for each item in the combo list one below the other in a seperate scene. Then when the combo button is pressed, add the combo scene as an overlay scene.

Keith. 8)

Combos would be VERY hard to do, you’d have to do some fancy property or timer things. It might be easier in python though.

Gorgan, wouldn’t doing something like htat mean that you’d have to press each of those buttons at the same time? With combos you hit a button, then another button, and so on.


I’m not sure what you mean Pooba. In the method I just described you’d click on the down arrow to make the combo list appear, and you’d have a similar button in the overlay scene which you would click on to make the combo list dissappear if you didn’t want to click on 1 of the options in the list.

And you’re right, I wouldn’t even attempt it without using python. It wouldn’t be too hard using python though. ALthough it would get a bit complicated if you want a scroll bar in the combo list as well… :-?

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