Come to me (updated)

Hi everyone! This is my last personal project. I did all in blender except for the texturing, which is done in 3dcoat and substance painter. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Really impressive. Do you find substance painter easy to use?

Hi Diablo, thanks glad you liked it.

I am still learning painter. I used just for the armor and it was really a peace of cake. However the potential of the program is huge, especially if used in tandem with designer.

However I worked on the bump of the skin and a bit on the hair, I think now is better :slight_smile:

Eyes are too small.

thanks for the feedback… the eyes is one of the parts I tried to tweak more, but at the same time they gave me more headaches.

Anyway if someone else would like to give some feedback or advice, they are very welcome even if I did not write this in the first post :slight_smile:

This is good. When I look at the thumbnail I thought “is this CG”? I clicked and yes it was :). Even the high res looks realistic. Nails are one of the earliest things that tells you it is not real, lol.