Comestible 2

Comestible 2 is the sequel of Comestible (
The aim of this image was to practice to model and make food.
I’m not fully satisfied of course, but I learned a few things …
Blender Cycles 500 samples. Gimp for textures.

the meat look tasty

Ne mange pas le sandwich! Le baguette rouge is trés mauvaise et n’est pas comestible! Si vous le mangez, peut-être votre gorge qui gratte et vous avez mal à la vendre. :eyebrowlift2: Mais c’est un bon rendu!

@ juanrav : Thanks
@ ItalianJoy : Grazie per le informazioni. :wink:

Awesome idea, I absolutely love it! These vertical stripes near the rim of the cap look like some error in the 3D-model (sudiv.-modifier?).

Thank you very much
Vertical stripes are voluntary, but without doubt too large and contrasted. I wanted to try to give some realism as in the photo below.