Comforter on Bed problem with Cloth System

All tutorials I’ve seen implement cloth as a plane mesh. My comforter is actually a mesh with thickness, and is folded, too. Please see attachment.


  1. Some of the inside surface of the comforter pierced through the top surface, covering some of the plaid pattern.

  2. The folded part seems to sink into the mesh, not making it look like it’s folded. It looks alright on the sides of the bed, though, because it’s hanging loose.


  1. How do you avoid overlapping as described when the cloth settles onto the surface?

  2. (not related to my problem, but) How do you hold the top part of a cloth onto an object so that when it drops onto the object, it stays pinned at that location of the object (while the rest stretches/falls into place)?



  1. Have you enabled ‘self collision’ for the cloth?

2. add the wanted vertices to a group, and activate the ‘pinning of cloth’ button in the cloth panel (if necessary change the group to the one you want pinned).

morio is right about vertex pinning, however, it is easier to paint the vertex weights in weight paint mode, which also adds a vertex group automatically

about the overlapping, it’s a little more complicated than self colision
start by deleting your old comforter (yes, really!)
then, add>mesh>grid
adjust the resolution as needed
then in edit mode, select all vertices, E>only vertices, Z, .05, or something like that
then, ctrl-I to invert selection, shift-D to dupticate, Z, same amount as before
A, A to select all, W>remove doubles to remove the duplicate vertices
then, numpad 7 for top view, A to deselect all, b for box select, use to select the outer edges that need filling, then F>auto
now you should have a comforter!
under object, physics buttons, enable soft body (not cloth), turn off goal, adjust push and pull to .9, damp to 20, and bend stiff to 5. (approximately)
go to the soft body collision tab, and enable self collision
reduce ball size to something near the thickness of your comforter, and bake.
that should give you a decent starting point, adjust settings until you are satistied

however, if you just want a static image, you might want to either use a lattice, or just model and sculpt the comforter

Thanks for your help Spacetug. I tried tweaking the soft body configurations and I can’t get what I want. The settings suggested create a fairly flexible plywood-like material that just bounces off the bed. The comforter never drops to the side - but then again, my computer is really slow, so I didn’t let it bake until frame 250.

Modeling with a lattice is difficult for trying to simulate cloth folding and still created the overlapping I didn’t want. I guess I’ll resort to sculpting and moving vertices one by one :(. Thanks, though!